Problem with VML objects' attributes in Internet Explorer 7 en 8

When binding a 'submit' event to an element, jQuery actually adds a 'click.specialSubmit' event (on line 3237), a function that checks the 'type' attribute of the clicked element. When we click on a VML object, jQuery's 'click.specialSubmit' function is invoked on this element, this function checks the 'type' attribute and makes Internet Explorer 7 en 8 alert an error.

(NB: Sometimes this example only works the 1st time you load this page, the 2nd time it alerts an error on 'load'. Then try opening this page in a new tab/window!)

This VML object tries to alert e.target.type on 'click' and alerts an error

This VML object has the 'submit' event bound by jQuery and alerts an error on 'click'

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Extensively discussed at: sitecrafting.com/blog/jquery-cufon-dont-mix/,
Reported to Sizzle: github.com/jquery/sizzle/issues/17,
Reported to jQuery: bugs.jquery.com/ticket/9807,
jQuery v1.6.2 source: code.jquery.com/jquery-1.6.2.js